It is soon time for another ride-and-drive EVent!

The Blue Planet Foundation and KauaiEV are holding an electric vehicle (EV) ride-and-drive event on Saturday, February 24th, at the Kauai Community College Farmer’s Market. It’s a free, no-pressure, no-hassle opportunity to learn about electric cars.

Come talk with people who own electric cars on Kauai. Go for a test drive (or ride) to see how they handle (hint: just like a regular car, but with more acceleration). Learn about EV and battery repair programs in the KCC automotive department. If you are interested, you can talk with car dealerships who have new and used models available.

We can answer your questions about range, batteries, purchase price, tax credits, rebates, private charging, public chargers, cost comparisons between gas and electric, and much more.

At the last event, there were Nissan Leafs, Kia Souls, a Ford C-Max, a Chevy Volt, a Plug-in Prius, a Mercedes B-class, and a Tesla Model X (not all available for rides and test-drives). Aloha Kia and Garden Island Cars were the 2 dealerships who brought electric cars. And we heard from several people who decided to buy EVs after the event.

Do you already own an EV and would like to connect to others who drive one? Are you interested in improving the charging infrastructure, local and state EV policy, or do you have suggestions or solutions? Come to the event or consider volunteering with us.

You can sign up online or at the KCC farmer’s market on February 17th.

Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age and complete a Waiver of Liability.

Disclaimer: electric vehicles are cheap, fun to drive, and addictive. They are smooth and quiet, and their high torque – even at low speeds – provides instant accelerator response.  Maintenance for EVs costs much less: they require no oil changes and have 10 times fewer moving parts than a gasoline-powered car. There’s no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler, or catalytic converter. Switching to electric vehicles will reduce our dependence on oil and cut green-house gasses and air pollution.

We thank our sponsors the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii, the Blue Planet Foundation, the Kauai Community Farmer’s Market and ND Enterprises LLC dba Green Hawaii Conferences.

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