Thank you! I can’t even express my gratitude in words, This award means so much to me. I am so happy all my hard work did not just pay off in form of new and happier EV drivers, it is also recognized here. 

But I say “My hard work” and should say “Our hard work”. It wasn’t just me, it took an island. The other Kauai EV leaders and members worked hard as well. Our utility KIUC, one of the most progressive in the US gave us a grant so I could hold free classes for new EV drivers at our community college. Mission Zero Hawaii, our local EV rental company helped out with cars and the owners pitched in when we needed them. The Radio Stations and the Garden Island News always announced our EVents, and printed great articles about EVs. Noel Morin, the Hawaii EVA chapter lead, always had good advice and ideas for us, and Blue Planet Foundation and Ulupono Initiative also helped. Together we persevered. I accept this award for all of us.

When Tim Benford (EAA Awards Chair) texted me about this award, my family and I had just come back from Arizona. It was our first Tesla road trip actually, we rented a Model S and drove from Phoenix to Moab in Utah. So in the middle of our post-trip chaos I missed his emails, and when I saw the text I first thought it was a hoax… and then  it took me a few hours to get over my speechlessness. So – within record time I’m back on the mainland. For climate reasons I don’t like flying much anymore, but at least I can pay my absolution in form of Carbon Offsets or Renewable Energy Credits, and this time I paid for a part of a new wind energy project, and for trees to be planted. 

Because I am talking about traveling, I wanted to mention the electric car rentals once more. Not everyplace has an electric car rental company like Kauai, but, which is like airbnb for cars, has a search filter that will show only electric car rentals – it’s super easy, Renting there supports people not corporations, and no need to burn gas on vacation. In San Diego I drive a Model 3 from a local owner btw.  **

To finish – I want to thank the EAA for all you do. First for your contribution to National Drive Electric Week. It made our Ride and Drives so much easier. Thank you for  helping us process donations. Thank you for documents, info and resources you provide on your website, and thank you for the motivation.

** That’s my whole speech… although it was too long, so most of the turo paragraph didn’t make it.

I have never seen so many EVs in one spot. Probably 80 or so…

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