“Electric vehicles are expensive.”

“EVs are only for the rich.”

“I’d like one but they are out of my price range.”

We’ve heard this sentiment before and while it may have been true a few years ago, this is no longer valid. New electric vehicles (EVs) are now available at price points that rival comparably-sized gas cars. Importantly, once low maintenance costs are considered, EVs can offer consumers a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

It gets better. The EV competitive landscape is growing dramatically and battery technology continually improves leading to lower costs, faster charging, and longer driving ranges. These factors are resulting in more vehicle choices and increased affordability.

Best-kept ‘secret’ – pre-owned EVs

If you’re looking for even more affordability, check out pre-owned EVs. Pre-owned EVs are now flooding the market and many offer consumers reliable and affordable options. Many still come with warranties and can provide owners peace of mind. The Tesla market is especially interesting, given the pace of product iteration that is seen with this company and the desire of loyal customers to have the latest and greatest. The same can be said for other automakers although the pace of iteration pales to the current EV manufacturing leader.

Where to buy?

Local new and used car dealerships and private parties are sources for pre-owned vehicles in Hawaii. A good resource is Craigslist Hawaii. Great deals can often be found on this site.

Affordable EVs are here and offer just about every car driver the option to ‘kick gas’. If you have questions or would like to learn more email us at info@KauaiEV.org, or join our Facebook community