Sadly the deal ended after they sold the current stock of 9 Leafs on Kauai!

The main dealerships on Oahu are sold out as well.

Updated 2/17: While most articles claimed the utilities offered the rebate, at least Hawaiian Electric stated clearly that no ratepayer funds were used to fund the rebate, and we believed as well that the rebate on Kauai came from Nissan North America and no KIUC funds were used. I will verify this with KIUC.

In support of the state’s Drive Electric Hawaii program, KIUC and Hawaiian Electric offered rebates of up to $10,000 in addition to federal incentives, for those that purchase a new Nissan LEAF. The deal would have lasted until  March 31st 2017, but as soon as it was published in in Utilitydive the dealerships sold out.

With this deal, a new Nissan LEAF could come in around $12,000!
With this deal, a new Nissan LEAF could come in around $12,000!

The 9 lucky new EV drivers got their new Leafs for about $13,500, after all rebates and incentives which totaled $17,500.

With the help of a similar program, Missouri expanded its EV drivers from 50 to over 1,200 in 2015 alone.
There are about 500,000 electric vehicles on the roads in the United States, a tiny amount compared to 250 million total vehicles. EV sales peaked in 2014, at 0.72% of total sales, and fell slightly in 2015 when gas prices fell. California leads the country in electric vehicle adoption, with about 20% of the nation’s emissions-free vehicles on the road.

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  • Nadya Penoff

    I am so disappointed! I went today to buy my new leaf and was turned away. Just heard about the offer yesterday Feb 8th. As a retired person on a fixed income it is the only way I could possibly afford a new car and get off the fossil fuel carousel.

    The dealer said there will be no new ones in stock until May, well beyond the March 31 deadline. He said no one from KIUC contacted him about the offer. I think the deadline should be extended!!!

    • Sonja Kass

      Same here. For us it’s sometimes very hard to manage with one car and I called Kuhio Nissan and a dealership on Oahu trying to get one. People on the EV forums say these extremely short offers are usually made by Nissan to clear out stock before a new model comes in, but in February that does not make any sense. Supposedly if the utility truly is behind an offer it would apply to any EV, and we have both a KIA and a Ford dealership on Kauai selling quite a few EVs.

  • Greta

    Deeply Disappointed! I would have made this happen in a day…so would Many Friends of Mine… Not much of an offer if it was only about a few cars…

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