Nissan has extended the $10,000 rebate on new 2017 Leaf models for KIUC customers until June 30th – or until they sell out. With potential federal tax incentives, savings could total $17,500. The car has a 107-mile range; 30 kWh battery; 8 yr. / 100K battery warranty.

The 2017 Leaf has a starting price of $30,680, although the cheapest I actually found in Hawaii is $31,745, I believe the difference is a destination charge. After taxes, fees etc. minus rebate and federal tax credits* this brings the actual price to around $16,000.

The rebate is part of Hawaiian Electric and KIUC’s effort under its Drive Electric Hawaii initiative to accelerate the adoption of more EVs for cleaner transportation alternatives in Hawaii.

This offer expires 6/30/2017 or while supplies last (whichever occurs first). I found the Honolulu dealers more motivated to sell the car, if you want to buy on Kauai you might want to try to talk to Ben Salud, who is very knowledgable on EVs in general (he works for Kuhio Chevy, but can also sell for Kuhio Nissan)

Read more in the Pacific Business News and on KIUC’s website and KIUC’s News Release (pdf).

* The federal tax credit is up to $7,500, but only if you pay that much income tax, it does not carry forward. If you pay less than $7,500 income tax you will be refunded all of your taxes, but lose the remainder of the credit.

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