Red Volt, 2 blue Souls, 4 Leafs, Model X in the background, Plug-in Prius almost unrecognizable next to the Model X.

The event was almost a month ago, but better late than never – right? I spent many hours organizing the event, and it really created some backlog in the rest of my life… but now I caught up. I revamped the logo and got a good start on the website. I even started to organize a real-life KauaiEV group again – please let me know if you are interested, just comment on the post or email me. And I’m back to blogging in my spare time.

We were quite a few volunteers – many Thanks to everyone who helped – and also had a variety of cars: Nissan Leaf, Ford C-Max, Plug-in Prius, Tesla Model X, Chevy Volt, Kia Soul, Mercedes B-class electric.

Aloha Kia brought 2 Souls and took quite a few people on test drives, Garden Island Cars was there as well with a used Nissan Leaf – they sold it soon after the event, I hope to one of our participants and just got another Leaf in, a 2014 for under 10,000. 5 car owners took people on rides or let them test drive their private cars.

At least one county council woman, Joann Yukimura, the vice chairman of the local electricity company Jan Tenbruggencate attended and the sustainability coordinator of the county Ben Sullivan volunteered. We were asked to send someone to a council meeting to tell them about EVs and clean transportation. Drive Electric Hawaii flew out one representative, Amy Hennessey who even helped out at the event for a while. We had one electric bike and Sterling Snyder, the builder  gave demonstrations.

3 departments of the college were there with docents, professors and department leaders, among them the automotive department and KCC’s sustainability club. Special thanks to Professor Gordon Talbo, Professor Justin Carvalho and  Professor Daniel Erickson and all the others who helped.

Our volunteers and car-owners were awesome, many more helped out than had signed up, and I consider the event a huge success. I expect 3 or 4 or the people I personally talked to to buy an EV in the next 1/2 year.

Sadly none of our many volunteers had brought a camera, and only when there was a lull in visitors I took a few photos with my phone – if you or someone you know has photos of our event please let me know, add them to a comment on this post or send them to me, or post them on Facebook.


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