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This is the first “island-cruiser” car I had when I first came to Hawaii.

Back in 2001 I was part of a group of grassroots activists here on Kaua’i called Bio-diesel Kauai.  Mostly farmers, they were activly making bio-diesel in small batches from french fry grease and planting experiemental oil-producing crops to see if fuel supply could be “homegrown.”

I moved back to Kauai 15 years later and purchased a small, old Honda. I gave to the group my Mercedes 240 D car which I had run on bio-diesel and was hoping they would remember me.  Well they did, and welcomed me back to my island home warmly, however the group was no longer active.

This is me standing with the EV cruzin’ club of Kauai before we paraded our electric vehicles through the roads.

Luckily I had the inspiration one fine night last December that I must make as my priority to drive and EV, electric vehicle.  10 months later I find myself with a new group of consciousness trailblazers on the road of clean energy and had the best time parading through the country side and ocean side of Kauai with pride for driving car-ma free.

You see in yoga texts, from ages ago, they saw reality not as good and bad, but as action and reaction.  That is where the morality and conflict come from in judging others.  Karma sees that everything is okay, bt either there is awareness or not in the doer.  As a result some people suffer lots because they follow a road blindly, while others open their eyes and take personal responsibility for their choices.

In this case the answer in crystal clear.  Switching to ZERO EMISSION transportation is not only beneficial for my finances but also for my impact on the Earth. And the images of the beautiful Kaua’i I saw on the drive only reinforced it home more and more – how beautiful is this planet and what mega responsibility we have to not destroy it.

The message to reflect on today I-DAY, is this:

“How am I making choices knowing that I will get the results of my actions in one way or another?”

I wish you peace, Love and most of all wisdom.

In service of Love and Light,

Abhi Rama
Sound Space Yoga – Founder

Watch the Video of the cruise by clicking on the picture below.

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