Do you want to show off your EV in the “Lights on Rice” Christmas parade? Please join us!

Each car should be decorated with Christmas lights of some kind. We will meet Saturday Nov 25th (after Thanksgiving) at 9am at Sonja’s house to experiment decorating Theresa’s car sand sharing ideas that work. Please call, email, or comment on this blogpost for directions. It’s also fine just to come, decorate and have fun, you don’t have to be in the parade or even own an EV for that.

The big event is Friday, Dec. 1st, we meet at 3PM at the Vidinha Stadium parking lot and will do most of the actual decorating there. Please don’t come late, traffic jams are expected after 4pm. Sadly at this point in time the parade organizer does not allow extra EVs in the parade in order to not have it get too long,  besides KauaiEV there are 60 other participants. Come watch and photograph us instead, reserve your spot along the parade route early, bring chairs, people start hanging out on Rice Street at 4 or 5.

Optionally, bring a picnic for a tailgate/decoration party. Plan on having fun! You may volunteer to stay after the parade near the county building to display your vehicle and talk with people.

If you and your EV are going , If you’d like to help us decorate or ride in one of the cars please respond let us know, call, email or comment on this blogpost or on Facebook. If you’d rather watch the parade instead, please take photos of us and share them with us on Facebook.

Thanks to Sharon and Howard for organizing!


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