This article has been updated June 7 2021.

Last week we had a meeting and decided we’d like to have more structure in our group and become an official club, and to model KauaiEV after the Big Island EV Association.

All of us in the meeting decided to individually join the EAA  Hawaii Chapter, and make KauaiEV part of the EAA. 

(Both paragraphs above are still true, but happened in 2019)

We would like to fill the following roles.

  • President (Sonja)
  • Vice President (Sharon)
  • Treasurer (Nancy)
  • Secretary (Andy)
  • Member and Mailing List Manager
  • Director of Event Coordinator 
  • Director of Policy (Justin)
  • Director of Charging Infrastructure (Goran)
  • Marketing
  • Blogger, Web and Social Media Person (Sonja, but really need help)
  • Advisors
  • Hawaii EV Contact (Sonja, 2nd person needed)
  • Photographer
  • Volunteers 

We’d also like to have a diverse board, people from all walks of life, areas of Kauai and also people who drive different EVs. So far Nissan Leaf and Kia Niro are well represented and Tesla is underrepresented. All of our board members who are currently on island are in the greater Kapaa area.

If you like to nominate yourself or someone else for one or more of these roles please send me (Sonja) an email or text or a Facebook message to KauaiEV or leave a comment on this blog post (see below).  

Please feel free to apply for more than one role. Also, feel free to apply for roles that have names next to them already, everything is flexible and debatable, and roles can be switched. President and VP can only be filled by someone who as been on the board for 1/2 year or more.

If you’d like to nominate yourself for a role on the list (or another one we have not thought of, or just as director to be part of the discussion) and your name is not up next to the role in parenthesis yet please tell us the following (cut and paste the following into an email and answer inline please). There are no wrong answers, we’d just like to know.

Desired role(s) in KauaEV
Do you live Kauai, full or part time, since when?
Why do you like EVs?
EV driver or supporter, and for how long?
If EV driver, Make,  Model, Year:
How many hours could you spare per month on average, how consistently will you be available? 
Do you describe yourself as an environmentalist?
In your opinion, what should be the main goal of KauaiEV.
Why would you like this job / role? 
Short bio / resume / list of qualifications.


  • Sonja

    Question: What would be the expectations and the involvement duty and time wise?

    Answer: It depends on the position, president is very time consuming, and treasurer less. The next important positions we have are event coordinator – busy at least once a year – and policy person who needs to follow state and county laws, and hopefully have a positive working relationship with the county’s sustainability coordinator.

    Less busy than the previous are Marketing as well as Member and Mailing list manager, and then the rest of the positions as listed on the blogpost I linked to.

    Ideally the person responsible for chargers would be one person, but for now the idea is to discuss charger policy across the board or a sub-committee, and have the advisors “adopt” one or more chargers and work positively with the station owners or management.

    We plan to waste as little time as possible with fruitless meetings, and only have scheduled meetings around events.

  • Robert w

    Anywhere to rent and charge an EV on Kauai? Place I’m staying in poipu area says does not have charging capabilities. Around mid October for 2 weeks.

    • Aloha Robert,

      Mission Zero Hawaii rents EVs, or Turo, just right after the search click on “More Filters” and then scroll down to find the option “Green Vehicles”

      The public charging situation on Kauai is slowly improving, sadly the only one in Poipu that allowed public charging at the Hyatt was reported broken in July. Now the closest ones would be Puhi, and I would not recommend to get an EV in Poipu and expect to charge in Puhi or Lihue, unless you are planning to spend a lot of time there.

      Most large hotels or condos in Poipu will let guests charge, the Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott Timeshares and 2 of the large Condo complexes, maybe it’s still early enough to change accommodations. At many Airbnbs you can park in front and charge with a long cable. Sadly the county closed the airbnbs with a level 2 charger I knew of. It’s always better to call ahead to make sure before booking.

      Mission Zero Hawaii rents EVs, or Turo, just right after the search click on “More Filters” and then scroll down to find the option “Green Vehicles”

      And if you didn’t already, get the Plugshare app on your phone, it’s very helpful.


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