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We Got a Board!

We Got a Board!
Group photo taken during the EV Festival cleanup: Andrea, Sonja, Goran, Palmer and Andy. And the HDEW declaration governor Ige sent to KauaiEV… I wish I had a photo showing all the board members.

We are happy to announce that the following Board positions and roles have been filled:

  • President  – Sonja Kass
  • Vice President  – Sharon Geiken
  • Treasurer – Nancy Walsh
  • Secretary – Andy Kass
  • Member and Mailing List Manager – Nancy Walsh
  • Event Coordinator – Andrea Healey, more help needed for the next Ride&Drive or Drive Electric Week EVent
  • Policy Person – Justin Carvalho
  • Marketing — Sonja and Andrea working together
  • Blogger, Web and Social Media Person Sonja for FB and Blog, Nancy for Twitter, more help is needed
  • Advisors
  • EAA Contact  Sharon, Sonja
  • Photographer 
  • Volunteers 

If you’d like to help us with one of the available roles on the list (or another one we have not thought of) please send me (Sonja) an email or text or a Facebook message to KauaiEV, or leave a comment on this blog post (see below).  





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