Hawaii EV Press release: Transportation puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than any other sector in the U.S. economy. In Hawaii, the percentage of transportation-related pollution is higher, representing an excess of 40% of all local greenhouse gas emissions. 

Hawaii is now following a global trend in the electrification of transportation and transition off fossil fuels. If you are curious about all-electric vehicle alternatives to your gas guzzler car, SUV, or truck, then you won’t want to miss the 10th annual National Drive Electric Week (September 26 – October 4), which promises to answer your questions and excite anyone interested in driving electric

Locally, this year’s National Drive Electric Week event will be hosted by the newly formed Hawaii EV Association (HEVA), a grassroots, multi-island, all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping Hawaii accelerate its transition to zero-emission transportation. 

Hawaii EV’s National Drive Electric Week Program (a virtual interactive talk story event) 

Whether you’re curious about electric vehicles or an experienced EV driver, join this program for exciting virtual workshops, expert presentations, and everyday EV owner sharing experiences. The interactive two-day online event held on two consecutive Saturdays: 

Saturday, September 26th (9 – 11 AM) 
Session 1 EV 101 Buying and Owning an EV 

  • EV Dealer Presentations – EV Models and Services 
  • EV Buying Tips, EV Charging, Benefits and Incentives 
  • EV Owner’s Panel – sharing experiences with electrification 

Saturday, October 3rd (9 – 11 am)
Session 2 EV Transformation and Adoption 

  • Future of Driving Electric in Hawaii – How EV Are Transforming Transportation 
  • The EV — Clean Energy Connection
  • Speed Bumps to Adoption (A panel discussion with Owners, Utility, Legislators, Dealers) 

For more information and to register for the event, please visit hawaiiev.org.

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